Postdoctoral Associate – Ribosome Assembly, Function and Disease

The Karbstein lab at Scripps Florida, Department of Integrated Structural and Computational Biology, is seeking outstanding and highly motivated postdocs to study how ribosomes are assembled, how this process is quality controlled within cells, and how defects in assembly lead to disease. The lab has been consistently pushing the forefront of the ribosome assembly field with novel inquiries, concepts and approaches. We currently seek to further address questions of RNA folding, modification, quality control, and the pathways that allow for the production of specialized ribosome populations, and their effects on the translational program of the cell. We use a highly innovative collection of experimental approaches, which besides traditional biochemical and genetic assays, includes structural approaches using cryo-EM, and computational approaches to analyze sequencing data sets. As a result, our alumni have a wide range of skills that render them sought-after for leadership positions both in industry as well as academic careers.

The successful candidate will assume a leadership position within the lab; set the tone for both scientific and scholarly excellence; drive forward complex, innovative and impactful projects; develop and write fellowship applications; participate in a variety group and departmental seminar and journal club series, as well as national and international conferences. In return, you will gain critical experience working in a fast-paced and dynamic group environment. I am fully committed to supporting the career development of all my trainees with opportunities both in and outside of the lab and substantiative one-on-one interactions. I am also passionate about providing opportunities and support for minority and women scientists who often fall out of the pipeline at exactly this stage.


You have either recently obtained a Ph.D., or your doctoral degree is pending. You have an established record of publishing high-quality research articles, and expertise in core molecular biology and/or biochemistry techniques. Extra consideration will be given to candidates who have a basic understanding of programming languages (R or Python), experience analyzing either publicly available or de novo high-throughput sequencing data (e.g., RNA-seq, ribos-seq), or cryo-EM, and an eagerness to develop these skills through additional coursework, or workshops. Most importantly though, you are excited about your work, and open to learning new approaches.

 Join a world leader in the discovery and early application of biomedical breakthroughs for human health. Together we can make a difference.

Please contact Katrin Karbstein, kkarbst@scripps.edu or katrin.karbstein@ufl.edu with a description of research interests, as well as the name and contact information of three references. 

Scripps Florida campus